At shipping time, merchant automatically enters into an agreement with the shipping Lines /Carrier. The Merchant / owner of shipment agrees to be bound by all Terms & Conditions written, typed, stamped and printed on the face and back of Bill of Lading, issued by carrier.

Payment will be due before the vessel has sailed. Interest may be charged at £15 per day for any late payments.

We organise Custom Clearance, Booking & Reservation of Vessel space, and safe keeping of vehicle & its documentation until boarding.

All Shipping dates are estimates and we cannot be held responsible for delays/late departures as this is out of our control.

We will send all documentation approximately one week after Vessel's actual departure These documents are forwarded to the consignee or his forwarding agent, using EMS or FedEx courier service, which are tracked over the Internet The Documents should reach client hands within approximately 15 working days from actual sailing date.

Typical documents/items provided include:

  • Original copy of Bill of Lading with extra copies, necessary to collect vehicle at destination

A small minority of governments enforce ever - changing import rules for motor vehicles in their country It is always the client's responsibility, to maintain updated knowledge of import rules & regulations of the receiving country.

Vehicles are shipped on a fortnightly basis and depart from port of Tilbury in London, Southampton, Sheerness, and Immingham.

Vehicles are not insured while in transit and it is therefore the responsibility of the client to arrange this through ourselves or any other insurance brokers of their choice.

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