Shipping rates to Kenya - Mombasa

We are the best shipping company operating in the UK offering affordable shipping rates to Mombasa. Our operations are of extremely high standards in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our company is trustworthy and has all legal documents required by the shipping laws and the government of United Kingdom. The bank and insurance companies used by our company are fast and efficient ensuring smooth and safe running of transactions. This ensures that all procedures can be traced by both our company and also by our customers.

Please see our rates below

Saloon (RoRo) 4x4 (RoRo) 20ft Container 40ft Container
£790 £850 £1650 £2700


Please note that shipping rates to Mombasa change on a monthly basis so it is important to ring us on 08004334761 or 07855550534, for up to date shipping rates. You can also email us at for a tailored quotation.


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Kenya - Customs Requirements
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