Shipping Cars to Ghana

When considering whether to import your vehicle or personal items into Ghana, you should make sure you have a reliable shipping company to guide you through the entire process. Ghana has a lot of Import regulation when it comes to motor vehicles and it is important to be armed with all the information before embarking on the Move.

ghana mapBefore a vehicle can be cleared into Ghana, you will need a few mandatory documents e.g Certificates of title (log book or v5), Certificate of retail sales (receipt or invoice), Bill of sales for personal items.

When importing a vehicle into Ghana, you must make sure that the vehicle is less than ten years old otherwise you will incur some penalties i.e 5% of C.I.F value if the vehicle is less upto 12 years old, 20% of C.I.F if the vehicle is over 12 yrs old but less than 15 yrs old. The age of a motor vehicle shall be calculated from the year in which the vehicle was first manufactured.

In Ghana, one is not allowed to Import a Left hand drive car unless they have a letter of approval from the Ministry of finance.

There may be some exceptions to this rule so it is probably best to contact the Ghana customs authorities for more details.

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