Shipping / Import Requirements for Australia

When considering a move to Australia, it is important that you use an experienced removals / shipping company as they will be able to give the guidance and assistance required to ensure it goes smoothly.

Cars can be imported into Australia, although most European vehicles will require modifications before passing the safety tests.

Customs duty is also payable on most vehicles imported into Australia, please ring Australian customs on Tel: 1 300 363263 or visit for an idea on how much this would be before shipping.

If a vehicle has not been owned in a Australia prior to shipping, a permit will be needed for importation, this can be obtained from the FTAC (Federal Transport Authority in Canberra).

Some items are prohibited and cannot be imported into Australia. Such items include: daggers, knuckledusters and bladed knives.

Most Vehicles arriving in Australia are inspected by the Australian Quarantine and inspection service on arrival to ensure that they are properly cleaned. You should therefore make sure that all imports are thoroughly cleaned and all soils etc removed. For More information, please visit the Australian Quarantine team on

Saloon (RoRo) 4x4 (RoRo) 20ft Container 40ft Container
£910 £1030 £905 £1210-£1310


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Here is just a small selection of the countries we regularly ship to and some of their requirements. we do try to keep them as upto date as possible however please do always double check with the customs agency of that designated country for full details:

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