Shipping Cars to Limassol Cyprus

cyprus flagWe are also able to assist you in clearing and registering your vehicle upon arrival in Cyprus through our agents in limassol.

All they will need from you is a few documents. These include your passport, driving license, vehicle registration or logbook, a valid tax disc (for at least 6 months), valid insurance (for at least 6 months), the loading list receipt and documents that give proof of your country of normal residence.

Your clearing agent will take care of everything while you wait, for a fee of around CYP 200.00 (includes port and clearance charges).Once the vehicle has been cleared, you will be issued a customs C104A to enable you to register your vehicle. You will be allowed to register the vehicle on a temporary basis (upto six months) or you could be allowed to register it permanently.

If you are considering the possibility of importing your vehicle to Cyprus, you first of all need to contact us to arrange shipping. We offer a variety of shipping options tailored to suit all of your moving needs.

Our shipping rates to Cyprus range from around £600 for saloon cars, and £700 for larger vehicles and 4x4's depending on the type of vehicle i.e saloon or 4x4. Upon confirmation, we will provide you with a booking reference and shipping confirmation that will allow you to deliver your vehicle to the port of export (usually Southampton or Tilbury).

We also offer a collection and delivery service for those clients who may be otherwise too busy to deliver the vehicle to the port themselves. The charge for this services ranges from location to location but a typical delivery from London to Southampton will cost approcximately £150 per vehicle.

Once the vessel has sailed, we will send you all the documentations needed to clear your vehicle at the port in Cyprus. Such documents include, bill of lading and proforma invoice.

Contact us for the above services or for similar services to other destinations

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