Container Shipping to Abidjan

We are a UK based container shipping company that can assist in the export of your cargo to Abidjan. We can assist in the export of cars and goods to Abidjan using 20ft, 40ft and 40ft High cube containers. The containers can be loaded and secured at our warehouses in Tilbuy or Felixstowe. Alternatively, empty containers can also be delivered to our clients at their home, office or warehouse

Please note that you will need have a loading ramp available at your premises if you are planning to load a car into the container. Feel free to ring us on 08003101273 for more information.

  • container shipping to Abidjan20ft container (20ft)

  • 40ft container (40ft)

  • 40ft High Cube container (40ft)



We can offer the following container shipping rates to Abidjan


20ft 40ft 40ft HC
£1060 £1355 Enquire


Note: Rates include delivery of the container to most address within 150 miles of London.However, rates may change depending on how far we have to deliver out to you.

For those wishing to take delivery of the container to their home address/office/warehouse, you must ensure you have someone there to assist you with the loading of the goods in the container. call 08004334761 or email if you have any further Queries.

We ship containers to Abidjan port only and it is the responsibility of clients to arrange from the port onwards to their home address/warehouse.

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