Most people know about home delivery services and courier services. These are very useful only when it comes to small items and documents for personal and commercial purposes. If you require shipment of goods in bulk national or international destination, you cannot rely on them. Container shipping was introduced to cater for this Gap inthe market and to facilitate themovement of large goods from the UK to overseas countries like Sri Lanka. Because of this, the world is developing fast and becoming one in the field of trade and commerce.

How is it possible to achieve such an advance level of trade relation? All the credit goes to the leading container shipping companies that are successfully delivering heavy and large amount of goods to different parts of the world. It is only because of them that many countries are able to export and import various items ranging from raw materials, food grains to heavy machineries.We are one of those successful overseas traders that you can trust when considering shipping your goods to Sri Lanka

We will provide you with all kinds of containers that you require such as the ones below:

container shipping services20ft container (20ft)

40ft container (40ft)

40ft High Cube container (40ft)

Shipping tates to Sri Lanka

40ft HC
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Note: Rates include loading/lashing your goods into the containers at our warehouse in Felixstowe. For those wishing to take delivery of the container at their home address/office/warehouse this can also be arranged. Please call 08004334761 or email for more details.

We ship containers to Sri Lanka ports of Colombo port

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