Container Export to Lesotho

We are one of the most enterprising and dynamic shipping companies in the UK. We  provide shipping services to virtually all parts of the world from Africa, Asia - Pacific, America and the rest of Europe. We are also a leading shipping provider to South African destinations like Lesotho. We have been doing this for many years, hence we have a wealth of experience.  Our staff  are well trained and customer satisfaction is our main goal. Our services are second to no none and our  prices are very fair.

We  make our shipments in containers which are loaded onto ships across all major ports in the UK. So you can either bring your own vehicle to a designated port near you or we can arrange to collect your vehicle for you at an affordable cost.

container shipping services20ft container (20ft)

40ft container (40ft)

40ft High Cube container (40ft)

We have frequent ships to  Lesotho which have very modern container lifting equipments and storage facilities. Our agents are on the ground to offer you any help you may need to clear your vehicle at the port.

You can either collect your vehicle at the port yourself or make use of our well trained agents who can arrange to transport your vehicle to any part of Lesotho.

So whether you are permanently returning home or you just want to send a vehicle to loved ones back home or for business reason, you can count on us because we are the best. We are not only most efficient  and effective in what we do but also we have the local knowledge of the destination we operate in.

We can offer the following container shipping rates to Lesotho

40ft HC
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Note: Rates include delivery of the container to most address within 150 miles of London. However, rates may change depending on how far we have to deliver out to you.

For those wishing to take delivery of the container to their home address/office/warehouse, you must ensure you have someone there to assist you with the loading of the goods in the container. call 08004334761 or email if you have any further Queries.

We ship containers to Lesotho port only and it is the responsibility of clients to arrange from the port onwards to their home address/warehouse in Lesotho.

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