Shipping Cars to Durban, South Africa

If you are moving to South Africa or considering shipping a car to South Africa, it is important to familiarise yourself with the shipping process. Please read our past client shipping reviews to find out what our previous clients are saying about us.

The first step towards your move is to find a suitable shipping company such as ourselves. We have been shipping cars, trucks and effects to South Africa for many years and therefore have a vast experience in this sector. We offer conventional shipping i.e RoRo shipping, and container shipping. We can also ship trucks and vans of any size.In addition to all of this we have a wide variety of additional services such as insurance and collection.

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Once we have agreed on a competitive shipping rate for your car, trucks or personal effects, we will email you a booking form to complete. The booking form will request a few simple information such as your vehicle make/model, chassis number and engine number. We will also require the name and address of the person collecting the car in South Africa. This allows for information that will be needed throughout the shipment to be stored allowing for a lower level of correspondance meaning less hassle and stress.

We also have an agent based in SA who we work with very closely to enable your goods to be cleared and delivered to your home address as well as forwarding onto surrounding countries such as Botswana, Zimababwe and Zambia.

Import requirements for South Africa

1. Motor Cars (New or Used)

Returning residents are cautioned not to assume that import permits will be issued automatically as long as they undertake to pay the applicable duties. For the necessary application forms, see 'Documents Required'.

a) Import Duty and Tax

* Customs duty = 36% (motor cars more than 20 years old are subject to 20% customs duty)
* Ad valorem customs duty (based on a sliding scale depending on the value of the vehicle, with a minimum of 0.75% and a maximum of 20%)
* Value - added tax (VAT) = 14%

As an example, the cumulative duties and taxes payable on a car with a value of approximately R200 000 are ±70% of the market value. All vehicles with a value for ad valorem customs duty purposes of less than R130 000 do not pay ad valorem customs duty on importation into South Africa.

If the original purchase invoice is not available, three written valuations must be obtained from motorcar dealers in the country of export to assist the customs clearance process in South Africa.

Import Permit For South Africa

All used motor vehicles are subject to the production of an Import Permit that must be obtained prior to the vehicle being shipped to South Africa.

No concession exists for returning South African Nationals/Permanent Resident holders (including persons normally resident in the Republic who go abroad to work or study) to import a motor vehicle without payment of Customs duty.

The vehicle (if second - hand) will also be subject to an import permit form the Directorate: Import & Export Control, Pretoria and a Letter of Authority (LoA) from the South African Bureau of Standards.

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Our Other Services:

We also offer Classic car transport & covered car transport from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Doncaster, North East, East Midland, Cental England, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nothampton, Nottingham, Guilford, Leicester, Slough, Oxford, Plymouth, Preston and Reading.

Contact us for the above services or for similar services to other destinations.

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