Car Shipping Worldwide From UK

Anon Car Shipping is an international shipping company based in England UK,  involved in shipping vehicle from UK to any worldwide destination. We currently offer three different ways of shipping vehicle abroad: -

car shipping in containerRoRo service (Roll On Roll Off)

Private Container Service (20ft and 40ft)

Shared Container Service (40ft)

Container Services

Provides secure car shipping away from the elements, in high quality shipping containers at very competitive rates.

Domestic transport services of your car to the port is also available

Cars can either be shipped in 20ft containers, or in 40ft containers combined with personal effects.

Shipping vehicles in a container offers security for your car as it limits the damage to your vehicle from denting and scratching during loading or unloading. We are able to offer proffesional vehicle loading services at all the ports we offer due to our extensive network within the industry.

Sealed containers eliminate the risk of having your car stereo and other accessories being stolen. As well as ensuring that there is the minimum chance of damage occuring to the vehicle.


roro ship Roll On Roll Off (RoRo)

Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) are International ferries designed to carry wheeled goods such as Cars, Lorries, Trucks, and Trailers. Hence, roll on/roll off, RoRo. 

This involves the driving of vehicles into the lower decks of large Ro - Ro ships and is therefore cheaper than the container method of car shipping.

RoRo ships sail fortnightly from Southampton, Sheerness, Tilbury and Felixstowe ports amongst others. This is usually the most cost effective way of shipping your vehicle and is therefore usually the most popular service for car shipping.

Countries We Export Cars to

The following are destinations that currently accept RoRo service. Please contact us if your destination is not listed as new ports are continuously added.

Australia, Abidjan, Angola, Benin, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Botswana, Brunei, Cyprus, Cook Islands, Congo, Cameroon, Cyprus, Canada, Dominica, Djibouti, Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Gabon, Angola, Nigeria, Senegal, Brazil, Sierra leone, Togo, Liberia, Hong Kong, Congo (Boma and point Noire), Cameroon, Malta, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kenya, Beitbridge and Harare, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and many more!


Our Other car shipping Services

we also offer Classic car transport & covered car transport from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Doncaster, North East, East midland, Cental England, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nothampton, Nottingham, Guilford, Leicester, Slough, Oxford, Plymouth, Preston and Reading.

Contact us for the above services or for similar services if considering shipping a car

Here is just a small selection of the countries we regularly ship to and some of their requirements. we do try to keep them as upto date as possible however please do always double check with the customs agency of that designated country for full details:

Kenya - Customs Requirements

Tanzania - Customs Requirements

Cyprus - Customs Requirements

Ghana - Customs Requirements

Australia - Customs Regulations


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