Shipping Cars to MOMBASA, Kenya

mombasaIf you are moving to Kenya e.g for a new job, emigrating or moving to study. You will be happy to find that we are able to assist you in moving your belongings, be it your vehicle, household furniture and so on.

We offer a variety of shipping options tailored to suit all of your moving needs. Depending on your location, we could easily arrange for one of our trained staff to visit your premises / office in order to discuss your moving requirements. Alternatively, one of our members of staff will be happy to give you a quote over the phone or via email.

The different options we could offer you include, shipping in a private container (20ft container), shipping in a shared container (40ft container), or shipping on RO - RO (car & goods shipped without container).


We understand that you may be too busy to spend a lot of time answering emails or trying to organise things over the phone. We will therefore try our best to speed things up whilst also maintaining an outstanding level of customer service. One of the ways we do this is via our booking form. This takes down the general details we will need of you therefore it stops more uneeded correspondance allowing the process to flow smoother and more efficently.

If you are unable to deliver your vehicle or personal items to the port for shipping, we will be more than happy to arrange for one of our dedicated staff to come and collect the vehicle or personal items and deliver them to the port of dischage. We understand how important it is for your goods to arrive in the same condition and promise to take the upmost care when handling them. Please note that all of our vehicles are fully insured and our trained drivers have over 50 years of driving experience between them.


Alternitively if you would prefer to load your own goods we are able tocome to your home address with a container either on the back of a truck or with the option to leave the container with you from 1 hour to upto 2 weeks. This allows for you to secure your own goods giving you peice of mind knowing you saw your goods packed securely before sailing.


You will also be pleased to know that we can assist you with all the customs clearance upon arrival in Mombasa. Over the years, we have made it our business to keep up to date with all the changes in customs regulations imposed by the Kenyan Government. We have included a few of the most important points that you need to know before importing your goods / vehicle to Kenya. Please find the same listed below: -


- Passport (original) (If issued within last two years the old passport is also required)

- Work Permit for non - Kenyan citizens

- Insurance Certificate

- Certificate of change of address


First time arrivals to Kenya and returning Kenyan citizens residing outside Kenya for a minimum of two years are permitted to import ONE auto duty - free provided:

Auto is more than three months old and has been registered in owner's name for more than twelve months

Car is less than 2, 500 cc

Car is not sold within 12 months of import

Owner's Work Permit has been approved for first time arrivals to Kenya

Owner is 18 years of age or older

Documents required:

Import Declaration Form (IDF) - This is arranged by your customs agent. Contact us if you need assistance

Log Book (indicate engine and chassis number, first date of registration and engine capacity) Certificate of local value (invoice from dealer) . Contact us if you need assistance in raising this

Passport (if issued within last two years, the old passport is also required)

Customs C15 Form

New autos require invoice bearing engine and chassis number

Work Permit for non citizens

Please feel free to visit our Car shipping page for the different shipping options available to you. Alternatively, click here to request a quotation and we will usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Here is just a small selection of the countries we regularly ship to and some of their requirements. we do try to keep them as upto date as possible however please do always double check with the customs agency of that designated country for full details:

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