Anon Car Shipping - Delivery Ports/Depots

We can receive goods at the following ports in the UK however you need to make a booking with us prior to attempting delivery. If you attempt delivery without prior booking your vehicle/cargo may not be accepted.

Correspondence Office
Delivery Address (East/S.Africa cargo)
Delivery Address (West & central African cargo)
Anon Shipping
Car Terminal
Tilbury Docks.
50 Spring Bank
Lappel Bank
Berth 40,
Sheerness Docks
RoRo Berth 4a
ME12 1RS


Delivery address (European Cargo)
Southampton Port
Via Dock gate 20, Western Ave



We will need you to EMAIL the following information in order to make a booking for vehicle shipping

- Vehicle Make/Model

- Vehicle Chassis Number

- Vehicle Engine Number

- Vehicle Reg Number

- Name and address of the sender / receiver

We will need you to EMAIL the following information in order to make a booking for container shipping

- inventory of goods to be loaded in the vehicle

- Value of goods

- Container delivery adress - UK and Destination

However if you do struggle to understand exactly what is needed we can send out a electronic form for you to simply fill in all details should be accessable on relevent documention you should previously own.


Tel:0800 433 4761 or 0844 556 5578

Alternative tel: 01482 218 893

Here is just a small selection of the countries we regularly ship to and some of their requirements. we do try to keep them as upto date as possible however please do always double check with the customs agency of that designated country for full details:

Kenya - Customs Requirements

Tanzania - Customs Requirements

Cyprus - Customs Requirements

Ghana - Customs Requirements

Australia - Customs Regulations


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